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IViewOps3 provides an Intelligent and Synchronous View of Processes and Assets. This improves quality of operations and management, reduces risk and increases ROI.

IViewOps is used to troubleshoot plants and systems, analyze impact of assets out of service, optimize operations, and improve maintenance and management.

The algorithm in IViewOps integrates processes (biochemical & physical), hydraulic networks and assets. It simulates actual constraints, as experienced with assets out of service and aging. This allows optimization routines identify better strategies for Operations, Maintenance & Asset Management; find better setpoints for SCADA that lower energy and chemical use. Plants see ROI of 1 year and substantial savings in 10 years. The asset-process model can be used to develop better designs.

AquaNET Aquifas is a process model with no license fees.
IViewOps2 has no license fees for one year. IViewOps3 is available for plants with no license fees.
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Wastewater: AS, MBR, IFAS,Trickling Filter, SBR; nutrient removal, recovery; biosolids, reuse systems.
Water: Storage, treatment and distribution, sludge disposal systems.
Biochemical Industries: Food, biofuel and petrochemical systems.

In April 2010, two Directors at Maryland Dept of Enviroment who fund 2 Billion ENR effort identified a need for better concurrent management of assets and processes. Several utilities, government agencies and investors have funded the effort. At this time, the applications extend to multiple industries.

VIDEOS IViewOps on Youtube
1. Plant (for Operations, Maintenance, Optimization) Intro to Plant Series
2. Services (Operations, Engineering, Management) Intro to Services

Types of Application and Installations

1. Steady State & Dynamic Simulations for design & troubleshooting Services 1

2. Plant Optimization daily, weekly, monthly & annual Plant 1

3. Quantify impact of extreme weather & outage, determine best response

4. Optimize infrastructure investments; increase revenues, reduce costs

Users are located in 45 countries: Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela.            As of 2021, the global user base for IViewOps exceeds 100, with additional users for Aquifas.
150+ Plants Modeled 2007-21: MBR 20+ plants, IFAS MBBR 30+, CAS 50+, DENIT BAF 10+, Operations and Optimization 10 - Asia, Africa, Australia-NZ, Europe; N,C,S America.
Partial list of 100+ .NET Version Licensees: AECOM Canada, BioprocessH2O, Cannon-Cannon, Colloide Engr Systems, Devise Engr Greece, EADS Group, Enviroquip GLV MBR, Entex Inc NC, EnviroSci, Foth Infr & Env, Frachetti Engr, GES Water Portugal, GE Water & Power MBR, Greeley Hansen, Hazen Sawyer, Horsley Witten, Hoyle Tanner, Hydroscience Engr, ITT Leopold, Mann Hummel MBR Singapore, MRV Group, Proacqua Brazil, Siemens, Stanley Group, URS; Educational Institutes - College of Southern Maryland, Norwegian Inst of Science & Tech, Univ Central Florida, University of Western Ontario, Canada; Utilities - AA Co DPW, Denton, Easton Util, Charles County Mattawoman, UOSA, Westminster, WSSC
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