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CURRENT RELEASE Aug 2017: IViewOps2 Release 0.75; IViewOps3 Release 3.1.15.

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IViewOps Setup and Application as an Intelligent Tool for Plant & Asset Management - Published in Water Env Research, Apr 2018
IViewOps brings together information from SCADA, DCS, Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management to provide superior intelligence and analytics to Operations, Maintenance, Design and Asset Management. With it, utilities can reduce operating and life cycle costs by 1 percent each year over 5 to 10 years, resulting in a long term reduction in costs and capital outlays of 5 to 10 percent. Additionally, it provides engineers with a superior system to design upgrades.

VIDEO Introduction to IViewOps Setup for Plants
VIDEO Learn to Set up IViewOps for Design & Ops in 1 hour
See schedule for Introductory & Advanced classes under "Training & Services".

IViewOps User Manual - Register below to obtain links. Part I - Design & Operations. Part II - BNR, ENR, TF, IFAS, MBBR, MBR, SBR, Solids Handling, Digestion

Paper - GHG and Nutrient Control in Plants GHG and Nutrient Simulation Using Real Time Controller on expanded ASM2d format, Adapted from WEFTEC 2010
Paper - MBR Optimization using AquaNET (precedes IViewOps) MBR Operations Optimization Using Aquifas, WEF Membrane Applications 2010
Foundational Paper on Kinetics www.wer.org Water Env Research Vol 80 (5) 2008 - CAS, IFAS, MBBR Modeling Part I
Full Scale Verification for IFAS Aquifas Broomfield IFAS & Tertiary MBBRs

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